Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Iris folding: not just for cards

I like exploring different techniques using paper, ribbons and lace. After teaching myself how to do Iris Folding on cards with paper and ribbons, I explored the "I wonder..." and developed designs that could be used on layouts, embellishments and as feature backgrounds.
As a family, we love photography, featuring the great outdoors and sometimes, we manage to capture each other pursuing this shared love.
What better way then, was there to combine the two into those "I wonder" monents.

A photo of my son, who hates being photographed, taking photos at Pirate's Bay, Tasmania. Also shown is one of the photographs he was shooting at the time.The iris folding incorporated street maps from Tasmania.

Iris folding has been used as a major feature in the background for these photos, showing the three of us at Russell Falls in Tasmania.
Thank you for looking, Di.


  1. Di this is totally fantastic! I love your details and the use of a pretty?/ technique to help tell a lovely story.

  2. I've never done Iris Folding Di - don't think I'd have the patience but it does look fantastic on your layouts. Love seeing all these wonderful photos of Tassie too! xx