Monday, 20 August 2012


Hi again, on not such a great outside day.
Today I'm going to share with you another photo of two of this year's tawny youngsters. They had been jostling trying to find the right spot, not too sunny and not too shady. When they were a little younger, they used to crowd each other out on the one branch, but as the weeks passed, they often sought their own space, but still fairly close to each other.

The tree they sit on in the garden is about 30 years old and has very rough bark, which they seem to favour. Growing up between the branches is a giant Strelitzia  nicolai (Blue Bird of Paradise). With its large banana -like leaves, the tawnies often use this as an umbrella, keeping off rain and too much sun.

This is one of the above tawnies, I've decided to feature in a layout. It's also the same tawny as in La La La.
I like using texture in many of my layouts and have done so here with a piece of sinnermay. Lots of distressing... torn paper, rolled edges, inking. The title used fabric covered letters, which were coloured and then picked out with self-adhesive beading.
Thanks for looking, Di

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  1. I love how your gorgeous background blends into the nature theme of this great tawny shot but doesn't distract from the photo in anyway! A great combination of elements all round Di! xx