Sunday, 17 August 2014


Hi and welcome. Thanks for stopping by. For Anything But A Card, this month, we've had the theme and challenge of patterns. To go with a previous canvas, I've done another, again in black and white, using a mandala idea, combined with different patterns. I like the look of these and  am tempted to do a series of them for a wall.... quite dramatic! The canvas size is a 45cm square.

 The design was drawn onto white cardstock, cut out and adhered to the canvas with Collage Pauge.

I started the design using a compass and drew  concentric circles and  a flower design.... always knew I liked geometry for a reason!

Further layers were added to make the design more elaborate

With the basic design drawn in patterns were gradually added

For the patterns I used an ultra -fine Sharpie pen. I like these because they give such a fine line and are permanent. Larger sections of the design were blocked in with a slightly thicker Sharpie.


Close-ups of the patterns used.

To finish off, I used some stick-on gem stones (black and clear). This added an extra dimension as well as helping to hide some wobbly cutting!
All I have to do now is to do another one or two....?!!!
There's still time to join in the challenge. Why not pop over to have a look at what the rest of the design team as done at:

Again, thanks for stopping by and having a look. I really appreciate your comments.
Cheers, Di



  1. This is awesome, so intricate and detailed and I can only imagine how long it must have taken.

  2. This is amazing Di! The detail you have managed to get into the individual spaces is just stunning! Fabulous work! Jennie x

  3. Beautiful! At first I thought it was beadwork.

  4. Wowza!! This is absolutely amazing! Your patterns are fantastic and who'd have thought geometry could be so pretty!