Sunday, 20 January 2013

Faery Fantasy

Hi and welcome. I normally do layouts for the ARTastic challenge, but this time I decided to do a reverse canvas, so I could add more depth in layers. I've also gone for a fantasy theme, with 'wings' as the main feature. Pop over to have a look at the site to see what the fabulous design team has been up to.
Gesso was applied to the background of the canvas and the frame around it. Once dry, the whole piece was stippled with acrylic paint to which I applied a retarder to help colours blend and to slow down the drying time. The whole piece was then sprinkled with salt to lift off some colour and leave an interesting finish. I didn't paint a recognisable landscape, just let the paint do the work. Using the paint retarder and salt held things up for a while... took a lot longer to dry than anticipated (even with quick bursts from the heat gun).

Canvas stipples with acrylic paint

To fit with the impression of foliage I stamped on flowers and leaves, fairies and butterflies.

Stamping done with Distress and Archival Inks. Wool lines are criss-crossing the canvas.

Below, a close-up shot showing stamps

For the wings, I used a heavy watercolour paper and watercolour paints using various techniques: wet-in-wet, dropping in colour, variegated wash, stippling and salt spatter. These colours were painted on as solid blocks, dried, cut around and folded in half with the reverse side showing

Wings in various shapes and styles were drawn. When cut out, additional features and shading was added using Lyra aquarelles, Lumieres, Acrylic Glitter Glaze and bling. One set of wings was formed from a bought chipboard flourish, coated with Opals enamelling powder (Currawong) and finished with crystals.

Now I would like to welcome you to Shaylee's Fashionable Faery Wings Shop. This exclusive little shop caters for very discerning fairies who want a unique, hand-crafted set of wings for a special occasion or outfit.

Shaylee, when I met her, was very friendly and very keen to show me her designer wings. She had these displayed on fine spider web filaments, held in place by some cooperative butterflies. (A couple must have flown off when I arrived).
If you find one of the elusive fairy glades, be sure to make yourself known and ask about Shaylee's shop. You may be lucky to find her, because she wanders from place to place, loving to travel and meeting other fairy folk and finding new ideas.
The sign on Shaylee's shop is written in Gaelic, which I hear, is a language familiar to all fairy folk. (I'm hoping that I have translated this correctly and I apologise to any Gaelic-speaking readers, if this is incorrect in any way... information came from various sites on the net)

A fibrous wool, material leaves and flowers and a velvet butterfly completed the piece.

Thank you for visiting.I love reading your comments and words of encouragement. Cheers, Di


  1. OMG! Amazing Diane!!!! Absolutely love the care and attention to detail you have lavished on this. From that fabulous background to the superb stamping (love the idea of using the wool as it really helps with a large design methinks) and those fairies/flowers are perfect. This is a shop that everyone must visit. Hugs, Jenny x

  2. Oh my goodness Di - this is totally awesome. There is just so much detail and work on this canvas - you have outdone yourself!! Brilliant.

  3. So beautiful and detailed. It's stunning. I love your blog journalling as well, very entertaining:-).Thanks so much for joining us again at ARTastic, I loved seeing your creation.

  4. Just catching up Di! Love the bright colours, the layers to the background and the energy in this piece! Don't know any gaelic I'm afraid!
    Thanks for joining the challenge at Anything But A Card!

  5. Oh DI This is fabulous. I will know exactly where to come whn I need a new pair of wings. Dashing around here often crumples them a bit. You have created a wonderful piece to treasure. Thank you for joining us at ARTastic and Anything But a Card this time.

  6. Di, what an amazing piece of art you have created for this challenge. So pretty and unique. Thankyou also for sharing the steps and products that you used in making the canvas, have enjoyed reading about the process and the special fairy wing shop.

  7. Oh my this is magical Di!! How wonderfully creative - I adore this. I love the finished product, as well as all the steps inbetween. How arty on ARTastic!

  8. Looks fabulous and very eye catching! Love it, Love it!! Thanks for joining in at ARTastic this month, please come back again I would love to see more of your creative work :)

  9. A fantastic piece of art, so creative and colourful. I love all the butterflies :)

  10. This is amazing!!! I love both the background and the butterflies!! Thanks for playing along at ARTastic!