Sunday, 26 October 2014


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Sometimes patience is all it takes and so it was, when these shots were taken of a white-faced heron meandering its way through the shallow waters at the edge of the Severn River. This river, running through Stanthorpe, forms part of the vast wetlands area that have been established in the township, attracting a wide variety of bird life.

This layout for:
features the use of  die-cut film strips and stamping. I've  used the film strip sections for my journalling.
I'm sure we weren't the only ones being patient this particular morning. The heron outdid all of us, standing still for up to 5 minutes at a time before taking another cautious step. When it spotted something appetising it would stand on one foot with its whole body quivering, until it quickly plunged forward with its head and long beak, before moving on to another section of the river.
We were able to watch it, and some ducks swimming nearby,  for 15 - 20 minutes before it flew off further down stream.
A peaceful start to a very pleasant day.
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  1. Getting great shots of our bird friends Di definitely does take patience or a 100 shots in does look like you had a peaceful start to your day here. .Lovely layout!

  2. Well, your patience certainly paid off! It's always tricky to get great shots of birds and these are lovely. (And thankfully digital cameras have helped too - we can take lots of shots and not have to worry about wasting film. Years ago, such a different story.) Love your use of colour in this layout.

  3. DI, I love how you told the Heron's story. And using the filmstrip for journaling was brilliant. Lovely photo and the fall leaves are perfect for this page:) Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories.

    Elizabeth Campau

  4. A beautiful page and your title is perfect for this! We love watching the cranes and herons fishing at the local lakes and rivers.