Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Who'd have thought geometry would have turned out to be so useful in my artwork this month. My DT piece for ARTastic is a retro-inspired piece, revisiting the very popular nail and string designs of the '70's, but using the same method on cardstock.

One of my favourite geometry exercises in my previous life, was to introduce the concept of producing curves using straight lines, teaching the basic concepts and then having the kids come up with their own designs.
I drew up the design on white paper first and then placed this over the black cardstock so I could pierce holes in it ready for sewing, using a metallic silver yarn and a needle threader (one of those ones that are about 10cms long and shaped like an oval). I find that these work well especially with all of the holes pre-pierced, and with my eyesight they're easier for me to thread thicker yarn and still have a fine implement to use.
The photos of spiderwebs were the perfect ones to use for the background. One, taken at night with a light sprinkle of dew, which has reflected the flash of the camera beautifully, and the other taken in the early morning.
The title of course was the only one that I could have used... first line from a children's song.
There's still plenty of time to pop on over to ARTastic and have a look at the inspiration piece for this month and of course, what the rest of the team has done. It's amazing how everyone has such varied interpretations. You'll find us at:
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  1. Wow this is very cool. Such a lot of work and beautiful photos'